Dave Evanson of Sedo : Build a strong domain portfolio and sell it

Dave Evanson, Senior domain broker at Sedo.

Dave Evanson, senior domain broker at Sedo, contributed to a domain investing article for CardRates.com.

Named Domain Broker of the Year three times – 2012, 2014, and 2016 – Dave Evanson has brokered more high-value domain sales than anyone else in the space.

Regarding domain portfolio creation and sales, Dave Evanson said:

“Domains are very easy to purchase — some domains have been registered, used, or held by individuals for years.

Those domains can be purchased — either a broker can help you get one, or you can find one listed in the marketplace. You can buy online, or you can buy through a broker.”

On the subject of the domain industry’s structure, Dave Evanson stated the following:

“The industry is made up of investors, domain holders, developers, and SEO people. There are about 1,000 brokers in the US.”

Domain liquidity is another subject, and Dave Evanson explained the logic behind it:

“Maybe someone is getting married and needs money, or somebody is buying a house, or somebody is retiring.

There are buyers out there if the price is right. If you want to sell quickly, you price it better.”

To read the full article at CardRates.com, click here.

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