David Clements : Latest domain newsletter from Brannan’s

Domain broker, David Clements.

Never understood why this popular domain newsletter is called Brannan‘s, when it’s operated by David Clements.

If it were David Brannan, it’d make more sense. 😀

Regardless, David Clements brokers domain names priced to sell, and we often share the current issue of his domain newsletter.

Let’s be fair, not every domain investor appreciates every damn domain there is; one has to specialize – just like when we collected stamps as kids, you cannot have them all!

Here is our selection:

  • SmallTownGirl.com – Some say those make the best wives, eventually. Price: $5,000
  • DragRacing.org – Nothing to do with trannies on skates. Price: $5,000
  • GunCLub.org – Make America Great Again. Price: $3,000
  • Rigid.net – When you forget the turkey in the freezer. Price: $1,500
  • Armored.net – Donald Trump will be in one such car for the next 4 years. Price: $1,500
  • VaticanCity.org – Wanna play ‘Pope’? Price: $1,250
  • Crunchy.net – When your cereal has the right amount of milk. Price: $1,000
  • Gigantic.net – Not bragging. It simply is. Price: $750
  • RomanticVacations.net – Because Valentine’s not too far away. Price $500

As always, head over to Brannans.com for the full list, or to make a competing offer for any of these gems.

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2 Responses to “David Clements : Latest domain newsletter from Brannan’s”
  1. Join Domains says:

    The well is drying up?

  2. Ajaz K says:

    As to your question “why his popular domain newsletter is called Brannan‘s, when it’s operated by David Clements”. Perhaps, the name ‘Clements’ is soiled by brother Toby Clements. As it has been reported that Toby has disappeared on a fine day with completing many outstanding domainl transactions.

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