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Daycare.com : Forum members get schooled about domains


The value of domains became an exercise in real life metrics, after a Daycare.com forum member shared a recent experience.

Having failed to act quickly upon registering the domain names that were available, “CityGarden” advised others not to be as tardy:

“I am just starting on this journey and have been debating on two very different names for my program the last couple weeks. 

Both names were available last week and I decided to just wait and check deeper with my state etc. to make sure the names were not too close to another biz etc. and wanted to decided on which one first.  

I waited not even a full week, went on today and the one I decided on is taken with the .com AND they already have a wix page up on it connected to another wix page. So tonight I had to send an email to a complete stranger who lives across the world, hoping she will be willing to sell me that domain (at an obviously higher cost than I could have purchased it for last week).”


Daycare.com – Owned by Michael Castello.

The discussion continues with member “LysesKids” chipping in:

“I’ve owned mine for 10+ years lol… I also own the .com that is my actual name. I have been fighting for another one over 13 years; it was for another business which I service marked so the owner of the .com can’t use it but he refuses to sell it unless I will pay over $1000. He ups the amount yearly too. Makes no sense for him to hold onto something when he knows I am the only one that can legally use it – I’m not rich, but he seems to think I am”

The icing on the cake: Domain investor, Michael Castello, owner of the very domain Daycare.com the debate unfolds on, joined the discussion, offering unparalleled advice:

“A domain name can be used for just about anything. Hillary knew the importance of owning a server(computer) that was operated relative to her domain name and email address. Its like owning a house. You can do what you want with it. Chat, photos, blog, email, forum, sales, business the options are endless. Its an address that gives your access and distribution to the world.

[…] Imagine how much money she would save in not having to pay Google for that traffic. It matters, I should know. Look what you and I get out of Daycare.com which is exactly what I started, created and made profitable.”

Definitely a funny, yet educational moment in a general forum unrelated to domain names. 😀

To read the full exchange, titled “Learn from My Mistake! Purchase Your Domain the Moment You Can!“, click here.

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