Dropped domain in the hands of … day traders

We talked about how the premium domain expired, despite being an $80,000+ investment.

Somehow, domain investor Jay Westerdal, let go of this gem sitting on Google’s domain registrar. It’s unfortunate when it happens; we let Jay know while the auction was ongoing but there’s no feedback since.

The auction closed at $49,650 dollars, or about half the previous selling price. The auction has already been paid, as winner “delpieros” delivered the almost fifty grand. is now showing a lander with a Bull and Bear logo, signifying the stock market’s bullish and bearish statuses.

While this is probably a temporary page, the WHOIS is behind privacy but the domain shares the same IP as

That domain is a community of traders with over 30,000 members in over 150 countries since 2008, according to their About Us page.

That being said, the domain was registered a year ago and appears to have an established footprint in the global financial community. We aren’t certain that Apex Trader Funding acquired the domain but since the two web sites share the same IP, it’d make sense. 😀

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