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Dear Chinese domainers : CRZ.com is *still* not for sale

CRZ.com : Still not for sale.

CRZ.com : Still not for sale.

In October of last year, we shared our discovery of an entertaining web page, dedicated to sharing inquiries for the domain CRZ.com.

An acronym of its owner’s full name, Christopher Robin Zimmerman, the aged three letter domain has been receiving offers to sell, non-stop.

Naturally, the owner does not want to sell, and continues to share those inquiries on a dedicated Tumblr page, aptly named “CRZ.com is not for sale!”

It’s amazing how many Chinese domainers are inquiring still, for these “Chinese premium” letters, comprising of C,R,Z.

Not only emails, but also phonecalls, one of which was recorded below:

Cold call from “Next Domain Brokers”

Just now – I gotta stop answering my phone.

“Can I speak to the owner of CRZ.COM?”
“I represent an interested buyer…”
“They don’t have enough money, thank you for calling, ‘bye”

They hung up.

Wow, givin’ up pretty easily, why, it’s like they were just looking for any ol’ three letter .com to steal…

Maybe he should add this sign for the Chinese domainers: 不作为产品销售!

For more fun about how not to buy CRZ.com, click here. 😀

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2 Responses to “Dear Chinese domainers : CRZ.com is *still* not for sale”
  1. Milan says:

    If you look closely, and even closer they are not just Chinese domainers… Ryan Colby, a Sherpa who owns Ontario rentals with ties to Panama so many people have tried.

    Good on C R Z to be able to turn down $61,000 for his name sake

  2. DomainGang says:

    Milan – At least Ryan Colby signs his inquiries and isn’t hiding behind a QQ address.

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