Defunct casino domain,, to be deleted after 21 years is coming of age; the 21+ year old domain is about to be deleted at GoDaddy.

Registered in December of 1995, Trump Plaza’s official web site was no longer of any use, as the casino was owned by Donald Trump’s “Trump Entertainment Resorts.”

Trump Plaza .com in 2005.

According to Wikipedia:

On July 12, 2014,  the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino would close on September 16, 2014, if a buyer was not found, putting an estimated 1,000 employees out of work.

In early August 2014 Donald Trump filed a lawsuit requesting his name be removed from the facility since he no longer ran or controlled Trump Entertainment Resorts at the time. 

Trump Plaza closed permanently on September 16, 2014; the closure left approximately 1,300 employees out of work.

So who will attempt to grab once it gets deleted?

As a domain bearing the Trump mark, it’d be susceptible to a UDRP or even a lawsuit. It’s therefore best not to touch the domain with a 10ft pole, as the saying goes!

Hat tip to Logan! 😀

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