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Deutsch NY: Squatters failed to sell #domain as agency splits offices

Deutsch Inc. has announced that it’s splitting its world-renowned agency into two separate agencies, one in New York and the other in Los Angeles.

The ballsy move is seen as the new norm in a difficult year; the transition is made to allow regional independence and to emphasize each office’s distinct personality and character.

Sounds just like Mad Men! 😀

In doing so, Deutsch.com now displays the message:

“In our case, two is better than one. Deutsch Inc. is now Deutsch LA and Deutsch NY. Two separate agencies. Strong together, stronger apart.”

The historic agency is now operating web sites from both DeutschNY.com and DeutschLA.com.

Fun story about the domain name DeutschNY.com:

It was in the possession of Deutsch Inc. until 2014, when it somehow expired and dropped. The domain changed hands several times, presumably registered by domain squatters wanting to capitalize on the agency’s fame and locale.

In 2019, the domain was apparently captured by DropCatch, and into the possession of a Chinese registrant. It dropped again in 2020, and in July 2020 Deutsch Inc. remarkably hand-registered it.

Meanwhile, the domain DeutschLA.com has been in the possession of Deutsch Inc. since its registration in 1999.

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