Did Overstock PR trigger a new Domain Record?

Overstock can now be found at O.co

If you have been following the .CO registration counter as we have, you’ve seen it roll past the 100k, 200k, 300k registrations.

Less than 10 days since the official rollout, the .CO marvel has surpassed that of many other TLDs from recent and not so recent past.

It’s very difficult nowadays to generate so much interest in a new TLD, unless the celestial alignment is just perfect.

In the case of .TEL, TelNIC attempted a launch with a sexy video – all while the world was duped into believing that .tel had the capabilities of a full-fledged TLD. That was not the case, unfortunately.

But on to Dot Co which, having passed .tel, is now with 350,000 domains on its way to surpass the very sympathetic ccTLD of Montenegro, .ME – which will always remind us of Bruce Marler and Missouri.me 😀

Lori Anne Wardi, director of Marketing for the .CO Registry gave an extensive interview to the Webmasters Radio yesterday and she was prepared to address the Overstock deal.

Very few “doubting Thomases” are questioning the legitimacy of the O.co sale; however here’s the ultimate proof, as bestowed to us by Lorri Anne:

Overstock is a public company and the purchase figures will be reflected in their public filings – which is all public record for everyone to peruse.

The matter of the sale of O.co is thus closed for good and the Overstock press release about the acquisition of O.co definitely played a positive role in the record set by the newest TLD on the planet – dot CO.

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3 Responses to “Did Overstock PR trigger a new Domain Record?”
  1. BullS says:

    Lucius— this is old news…..Never knew that is a dot co in the market.

    Let talk about dot com.

  2. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Bulls – Dot co is the new dot com. Learn it, live it, love it 😀

  3. zam says:

    it would have been great if not redirected to .com when enter o.co on the address bar. this kind of redirects pushes the .com’s superiority further.

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