Dimensional #domains retain their intrinsic value among #Chinese investors

Domains that are popular lumber sizes retain their intrinsic value among influential investors, a new study shows.

For example, 4X5 or 4X8 along with 2X4 and 3X5 are domain sizes investors go after. Even 8×12 and 12×16 are valuable these days.

“We are definitely looking to acquire domains at auctions in those popular sizes, and always spend five figures per domain,” said Media Options founder, Andrew Rosener.

“There’s no doubt that good numbers bring good money, and those are domain sizes with great ROI potential,” added Rosener.

Most domain sizes are taken and auction places, such as DropCatch, continue to attract Chinese domain investors who don’t mind separating two numbers with the letter “X.”

“I’m amazed by the business intelligence of China’s new investors, they moved from LLLLLLLL .com to Bitcoin domains, and now to dimensional domains,” said Andrew Rosener, adding: “I’m going to make more money from these than with the Zoom.com sale!”

If you have a numeric domain with an “X” such as 123×457, 443×738 or even 8794×1522 you might be able to get good money for it at auctions, as long as you advertise it on Alibaba and WeChat.

Dimensional domains are all the rage with the Chinese investors – Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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