Dip into Nutella with Rust Consulting of SnapNames rebate fame!

Rust Consulting sweetens the Nutella deal for all domainers!

Remember the Hank Alvarez scandal that rocked SnapNames in November of 2009?

The shock and awe was managed by a Minneapolis corporation, Rust Consulting, that successfully performed “damage control” on behalf of the then Oversee company.

By issuing a series of rebates, most – if not all – domainers affected by halvarez and his shill bidding on SnapNames, were reimbursed for damages incurred.

And now, Rust Consulting is involved in a sweet deal: managing the settlement for the giant Ferrero Group and their Nutella product.

It seems that for years, Nutella was being sold as a nutritious, healthy foodstuff, but apparently it’s nothing more than a glorified liquid candy bar!

The web site at NutellaClassActionSettlement.com makes it clear: if you purchased the product between 2008-2012 (between 2009-2012 in California), you are entitled to $4 per jar, for up to 5 jars total.

Hell, here at DomainGang we spent at least $200 on four-dollar jars of delicious Nutella since 2008!

Rust Consulting knows the game and they are about to sweeten your domainer tooth 😀 So don’t delay, download your forms and get started.

Click here if you live in CaliforniaClick here if you live in a state far away from Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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One Response to “Dip into Nutella with Rust Consulting of SnapNames rebate fame!”
  1. DomainGang says:

    The wait is over, our check is here.

    Distributed amount: $1,298,649.23 or $1.43 per jar. Ugh. 🙁
    Number of approved jars: 904,141.

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