Dipping Chips : Sub $800 dollar sale a prelude for lower rates?

Hong Kong – Where the LLLL .com trading game started.

We’ve been tracking the rise, progress and demise of domain “Chips” for the past couple of years, and another negative milestone was reached recently.

Once valued at more than $2,500 dollars, LLLL .com domains without vowels or the letter “V” dropped to $1,000 levels in recent months.

And now, a NameJet auction for the domain ZRQR.com ended up at $770 dollars, a new recent low that should serve as a prelude for even lower prices.

This drop should not be considered an anomaly; after all, “JQZX” or junk letters were never priced high until the Chinese domain investor game began.

As a reminder, thousands of domain “Chips” were registered or acquired at bottom low prices almost three years ago; the game got started in Hong Kong and the original investors made a killing, and exited fast.

As with every MLM or pyramid scheme that offers no value – the majority of these domains never get developed – the proverbial “bag holders” end up in situations where they need to liquidate their assets fast, selling below valuation.

The end results: prices plummet.

Domain investors should do due diligence in current market conditions, before carrying on a game that reached its peak 18 months ago.

Hat tipe: Dale.

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8 Responses to “Dipping Chips : Sub $800 dollar sale a prelude for lower rates?”
  1. LOL says:

    I would not be surprised if LLL Chip reach below $500 levels. I expect 6N chips be available to hand register in 2019.

  2. LOL says:

    *LLLL chip

  3. Steve says:

    Markets’ ebb and flow all the time. Yes prices have dropped across the board for most. I think a lot of the cash is flowing into crypto. I have actually stopped bidding on domains to save the cash for crypto. The evolution of the industry. The 2 are a perfect fit. Once more registrars start paying out in btc or other cc’s the domain market will get another boost. Hurry up Frank!! 🙂 start paying out in btc and I will drop my domain for sale prices drastically to get some more coins. 🙂 Of course one could lose everything in both markets but what a crazy ride it has been with domains and now here comes cc’s!! whoo hooo!!

  4. Larry Bush says:

    Made 2.5 million in Crypto last 16 months Dash, Etc, and Bitcoin, made $125K in domaining last 16 months. Domaining was fun for 15 years, but like an ex-wife, not worth looking at anymore. Got to go where the action is and it’s not domaining. Domaining you got to sell, sell, sell which is a grind, grind, grind, renewal fee’s suck,, Crypto although risky, don’t have to sell anything, the market comes to you, just need to pick the right one.

  5. keith says:

    We are at the bottom of LLLL.com market they will actually hot $20,000 when the general public gets hold of them as long term assets.
    only 456,976 will ever be created. So now is the time to load up on them. I am buying em like crazy whenever they are below $500.

  6. DomainGang says:

    Keith – Not all LLLL’s are created equal.

    Chips (no vowels, no “V”) were pretty much left unregistered for 20+ years, until the Hong Kong folks decided to game the system. What makes you think they will appreciate in value for end users, after bottoming out again?

  7. keith says:

    Rarity and memorability are key people can cope with 4 letters but not 5 letters. So my thesis is any 4 letter .com will spike massively eventually
    we have seen bitcoin move from 7 cents 2010 to a high of $3,000. Once the speculative manai starts with 4 letter .com then I can see $500 spiking to $20,000 very quickly.

  8. DomainGang says:

    Keith – The Chips will never reach $3k again, let alone $20k. Sorry, that game is over.

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