Director’s cut : John Malkovich in extended version of “Calling” video

The video of actor John Malkovich finding out his .com is taken, went viral earlier this week.

Per the video script, John Malkovich is a fashion designer ready to roll out a line of clothing bearing his name, “John Malkovich.”

He finds out that the domain name is taken already by someone else, who uses it to display his fishing trophies.

John Malkovich gets really ticked off.

He then proceeds to write a scathing email to the owner, only to decide he’d rather call the guy.

Web services provider, Squarespace, created a follow-up to the first clip, showing John Malkovich calling the .com owner and it’s truly hilarious.

It displays the many issues faced by people who want to come up with a brand and the domain is already taken.

We’re guessing this will be a Super Bowl ad for Squarespace.

Watch the new video below.

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