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Distraught by Soccer result, Rick Schwartz prepares Big Sellout

The World Cup 2010 fever has reached even the most hardcore anti-sports domainers, despite the crazy buzzing sounds of the vuvuzelas. Team USA managed to reach the 16 teams phase and excitement built up.

“Folks, I support team USA all the way”, said Rick Schwartz watching the game on his 64″ projection TV. “I think that we will win, soccer is a fairly simple game, unlike complicated American Football.”

Unfortunately, Team USA lost 1 – 2 to Ghana, and the dream is over.

Upon hearing the news, Rick Schwartz issued an announcement at his blog.

“Folks, the era of easy money is over. I said it, time and again, that domaining is the way. Soccer? Who cares, that’s the pigeon droppings of sports. We have more serious things to work on, like TRAFFIC in October. So I am auctioning off all of my .NET and .ORG domains.”

Rumors that Rick threw a bottle of Miller light against the 64″ TV upon Ghana scoring, were not confirmed.

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3 Responses to “Distraught by Soccer result, Rick Schwartz prepares Big Sellout”
  1. SJK says:

    Finally the show ended for us Americans. My ears are buzzing with the vuzuvela sound. As for Rick’s domains…no comment 😀

  2. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Team USA played well, in the end there can only be one winner.

  3. tool hire says:

    i think ‘cock.org’ would be the perfect blog for rick schwartz
    suits him perfectly lol

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