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DN eBook : Sell and buy domain names for profit


DN eBook.

Rod Seeber‘s DN eBook, is now available for download; it’s a complete guide on how to successfully buy and sell domain names for profit.

Priced at only $7.99 dollarsor less than the cost of a .com domain registration – it will teach its readers all the domaining terms used within the industry plus how to find the Domain Names that will sell, and more.

Rod’s a prolific writer and ever-busy domain investor from Australia, and through the DN eBook he will be teaching how to pay for names and the various transfer methods used when buying and selling a domain; also where to sell and where to buy plus where to get the best industry information.

Published on February 28th and spanning 52,730 words, the DN eBook introduces itself as follows:

“The world of domaining is still a relatively new industry that is best described as Buying and Selling Virtual Real Estate! It is an exciting and amazing industry to be involved with and there are many inspiring people that will help you along the way. The Dn Ebook was designed to help you form the best knowledge base currently available.

The Dn Ebook contains a number of chapters all dedicated to educating a entry level person to this wonderful undertaking. In the early days people were able to go out and hand register the Domain Names that now sell for up to a million dollars!

Whilst those days are long gone there is still a plethora of opportunities waiting for the enthusiastic folk wishing to buy and sell Domain Names for profit and fun. “

To order the DN eBook by Rod Seeber, and download it in a variety of formats, visit Rod Seeber’s DNeBook.com.

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  1. Dn Ebook says:

    New to domaining? …….. Buy the ebook and learn something!

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