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DNForum brings in new Admin, rolls out domain forum changes

DNForum, the oldest active domain forum for professionals, announced the involvement of Simon Byrne as a full time administrator.

According to a statement by DNForum owber, Adam Dicker, the Irish professional has been working on improving the current forum functionality and adding several new features to the forum.

Byrne has worked with Adam Dicker on other projects, for Webcorp.


Some of the projected improvements include:

  • Integrating an affordable and reliable domain registrar and hosting solution in the coming weeks.
  • Restructuring the forum sections to make them easier to use and participate in discussions.
  • More flexible rules about the domain sales sections.

The DNForum home page has already been redone to concatenate several sections and combine others, for a more efficient participation.

For more information, visit DNForum.com.


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3 Responses to “DNForum brings in new Admin, rolls out domain forum changes”
  1. Chris Wright says:

    This is welcome news! Adam is a busy guy, and DNF could only benefit from having a full time admin.

  2. Adam is really busy. Congratulations and best luck for Simon

  3. DomainGang says:

    ‘Michael K.’ I tried to respond to your comment via email but it bounced. Please provide a real email address next time.

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