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DNForum pulls the plug on IDN domain sales


DNForum will no longer be allowing the sale of IDN domains, citing its inability to verify the validity of the listings and their claims.

Adam Dicker, owner of DNForum stated:

“DNForum.com Drops The Sales of IDN Domain Names

We have no way to validate that what someone posts is actually the correct IDN for that term, therefore we are discontinuing the sales sections for IDN domains.

For those that have IDN domains they wish to sell, please feel free to sign up at IDNforums.com.

This does not mean that I feel they have no value, I just don’t want to see our members getting ripped off.

I myself have over 1000 IDN domains.”

The decision came after a substantial increase in listings pertaining to be IDN domains, when in fact they are pseudo-IDN phishing registrations.

A French DNForum member selling pseudo-IDN domains has flooded the forum with these listings, raising controversy among established members and the true IDN investors.

Rick Schwartz has characterized those bastardized domain registrations as “below pigeonshit” in quality. We call them “guano domains”.

A smart move by Adam Dicker that clears the slate once and for all.

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8 Responses to “DNForum pulls the plug on IDN domain sales”
  1. pigeondroppings says:

    IDN Pigeonshit
    the biggest pigeonshit on record though is the HUGE .pro DUMP this month
    a quarter of all pigeonshit.pro dumped

  2. Uzoma says:

    We are already making a positive impact in the domain name space. We don’t allow idn or any special characters at domenclature.com, so as not to confuse end-users, who are our primary clients. I suppose others will emulate it, and that’s a good thing.

  3. Moris says:

    Not a very smart decision!
    Just ban that person. There are pigeon** everywhere and not just in IDN’s.
    That is really a silly move and not thought out. Competition, integrity, opening a market to others, less nastiness etc..

  4. BullS says:

    Told you..it is all “BullS”

  5. BillW says:

    If DNForum had allowed “constructive” comments in the IDN sales threads there never would have been any problems, the forum would have policed itself.

    The MODs took down posts on some of the threads from the “phishing” names that got listed for sale, when they should have just closed the sales threads and banned the guy outright!

    For those that don’t think IDNs can get traffic or make money even in this lousy parking climate, you have your heads in the sand!



  6. Domain Nazi says:

    Brought to you by http://xn--zkr.com/

  7. BillW says:

    DNJournal this week:

    動画.com $35,069
    レンタカー.com, $4,500
    ホームページ.com $2,272

    OS- those are IDNs for you pigeon farmers. :p

  8. IDN KING says:

    Idnforums.com is one of the reason why IDNs are suffering:

    – no credibility
    – phishing
    – and mobbing succesfull seller just because they did not sell via IDNforums

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