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DNJournal closes down – Ron Jackson retires a millionaire


Ron Jackson waves goodbye but he's now officially a millionaire domainer!

Tampa Bay – The Associated Press

It’s been a great seven years for top domainer publication, DNJournal, which ceases its online presence with a farewell from Ron Jackson and his crew.

Month after month and domainer event after domainer event, Ron Jackon – chief editor, president and skilled photographer – has been providing the ever-expanding community of domainers with a detailed and objective source of information, thus raising at least two generations of domainers.

Also, Ron Jackson delivers a better analysis, utilizing better syntax and shorter paragraphs, unlike this article.

It’s sad to see the publication go – the news is fresh and complete details are yet unconfirmed, but apparently DNJournal has been bought by Byte magazine – publishers of Penthouse and Gardener Weekly. The sale includes all assets: the domain name DNJournal.com, the plethora of articles dating back to the Dark Ages of domaining (2002) and Ron’s much coveted Sony camera – including the fast universal charger and twelve 8Gb SD cards.

The deal involved seven figures; which means that *at least* one million dollars was paid, making Ron an instant millionaire. We tried to reach him via the usual communication channels, but apparently he has been enjoying some R&R with his lovely wife at a resort by the Florida Gulf.

Ron has been a pioneer all these years; his role and function in the domainer industry made statistics of domain sales available to millions of people around the globe – much to the despair of owers of sucky portfolios, unable to enter the weekly charts published on DNJournal.

DNJournal will now continue as a print publication, with Ron Jackson as the honorary Editor in Chief; the editorial structure will include several known names in the blogging community:

Tia Wood, Chef Patrick, Bruce Marler and The Man Who Owns The Internet.

The participation of other staff writers who usually blog a lot about nothing and tweet about everything, has not been confirmed yet.

We’d like to wish Ron a great new beginning with the print version of DNJournal; the first issue will arrive with a double DVD containing a free eBook about monetizing .tel domains, among other goodies.

Price is $3.50 per issue, every two weeks – at the top shelf of most supermarkets. You can also pre-order the magazine directly from Penthouse.com

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26 Responses to “DNJournal closes down – Ron Jackson retires a millionaire”
  1. JB says:

    I knew dot tel would be big, can’t wait to get that DVD…

  2. Bruce Marler says:

    My shift to print media was a secret, now everyone will know I am going old school, print publications rule!

  3. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Indeed, what a combo – a top tier domainer magazine and a DVD! 😀

  4. David Green says:

    Goodbye Ron 🙁 and good luck in the future. Now that Acro reports you sold DNJ are you getting back into newspsper reporting of local sports in Tampa since the magazine and newspaper industry is doing so well?

  5. Richard says:

    Great job Ron, good luck in the future!

  6. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Ron Jackson for the Domainer Nobel Prize! 😀

  7. chandan says:

    wow what a sale 🙂

  8. You forgot Acro.net in the editorial structure of the print publication.
    Source: Ron Wire

  9. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    LOL cool

  10. domainshouse says:

    really sorrry but glad that he got some response to their efforts on publishing. i was a regular reader of him.
    thanks for what you have done for all of us, domainers of the world.
    Good vacations and hapiness for you and family!

  11. Mike OConnor says:

    After speaking with Ron on many occasions at various domainer gatherings, I really don’t find this move surprising. Ron, in his heart of hearts is actually a solitary sort of fellow who was always a bit put off by the hurly burly of the domain community. And, as I’m sure many of you know, Ron has always had a single minded focus on the money. So I’m glad his carefully laid plans (have you ever seen a copy of his Master Plan? It’s really impressive. Ten sheets of paper taped together in a huge diagram.) have finally come to fruition.

  12. Wow – Congratulations…

    This is almost unheard of these days! An online media source going into print in the wake of major syndications dying on the vine. I have not picked up a print publication in a few years (except the Robb Report). That will mean that they will have to build the brand and readership from scratch. HMMmmm?

    Interesting move – I’ll have to ponder this a little longer.

    Great move Ron – God’s speed with the new project!!!

  13. nSathees says:

    Can anyone conform this story. I wish Ron continues the great work.


    This is really sad news folks. What domain conference will be the same without Ron Jack’s face and camera appearing around every corner? His excellent articles on the best of the best in the industry? The fairness, the lack of ego present in all of his articles.

    Ron Jackson is the consummate reporter and first class journalist for the domain industry. I hope he stays in involved with us with a fun little blog he puts out weekly.

    Ron, we miss you, we need you, and we hope selling out didn’t put us domainers in the DARK!

    you’re the legend of this industry’s news… and I guess you’re going out in style. We’ll always respect you, and to make a final statement – we’re all cub reporters to your mama bear style.


    Stephen Douglas
    BLOG: http://www.Successclick.com
    Successful Domain Management™
    “Own Your Competition™”

  15. Howard Neu says:

    It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy! Now Ron can buy that luxury penthouse in the Cayman Islands that he has been yearning for!

  16. imop, He seemed like he played favorites with so many people he was buddies with he will not be missed at all! The last thing we need is someone manipulating the domain industry NONSENSE! Have a nice trip off a short pier!!!

  17. IPTV Domains says:

    Hi Ron,

    Best of luck with everything you do in the future…no doubt DNJournal .co in your hands has been one of the biggest and best brightest spots for” the domain asset industry” for many years now.

    I only got a chance to chat with you a bit at domainfest 2007….I will never forget it.

    I hope this leads to bigger and better things for yourself and family.


  18. Windy City says:

    the fact that it will be published twice a month and the low price of $3.50 gives hope that it may very well suceed where other magazines and journals are falling by the wayside.

    best of luck and will be looking to buy the first issue.

  19. marcia lynn says:

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer person or a more deserving family.

    We love you Ron & Dianna 🙂

    Marcia & Warren

  20. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    I’d like to remind to some of you folks to read the disclaimer at the bottom of every page.

  21. Ozie Jackson says:

    April Fool’s Day is still six months away….

  22. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Ozie, April 1st is my favorite day.

  23. Lucius “Guns” Fabrice:
    I don’t think a lot of your viewers read The Onion 🙂

  24. Eric Borgos says:

    I don’t understand why the new owner would not keep the website going in addition to the print version, and charge the same $7/month fee. I would gladly pay that, but I am not going to buy the magazine unless they make it available in electronic format on my Kindle. I don’t read “real” books/magazines anymore.

  25. Lakshan says:

    First of all,Congrats to RON on his sale!
    But im not in ahappy mood, because of im in sri lanka, im not sure it will be available in LK super Markets, So i think i will miss it 🙁

    BTW, Good Luck!

  26. Ron,

    I am sure there are alot of people in shock at this move. But to be quite honest, I still cant figure how you had the energy and committment to follow one conference after another aswell as keeping the DNJOURNAL as the domainers bible.

    I will always remember my interview of you in 2006. Your warmth, humility and generosity with your time shone throughout.

    I am glad that you are no longer writing about millionaires. You have finally joined the club!

    PS. Do i get a discount if i buy both DNJOURNAL and PENTHOUSE at the same time?

    The best of luck


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