DNS Shield Network : Free Internet white paper from Neustar

DNS Shield Network by Neustar.

DNS Shield Network by Neustar.

Neustar is trusted by the world’s biggest brands to make critical decisions 20 billion times a day.

DDoS attacks seek to infiltrate the DNS infrastructure and cripple the functionality of businesses, big and small, costing them billions of dollars in lost revenue and valuation.

Neustar has published a concise white paper addressing the subject, called DNS Shield Network : Reengineering the Internet.

The free white paper provides an informational, eye-opening groundwork setter on the issues that every web site ultimately faces on the Internet: uptime, resisting malicious attacks aimed at its foundation, DNS.

Outlines from the white paper by Neustar:

  • Necessity Invents the Internet
  • How DNS Fuels the Internet
  • DNS Security
  • Digging Deeper: Examining DDoS Attacks Aimed at DNS
  • Impact of DNS Outage
  • and more

Download the free white paper, DNS Shield Network : Reengineering the Internet.

Summary: One cursory look at today’s headlines can tell you everything you need to know about the state of Internet safety. Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, infrastructure breaches and the possibility of website downtime has everybody on edge; but it don’t have to. Working in conjunction with partners, Neustar’s DNS Shield™ Network,is reengineering the way the Internet works to make it safer, faster and more efficient.

Note: Neustar is a premium sponsor of DomainGang; we provide a presentation of this digital product as a courtesy.

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