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DNW: First time gTLD registrant frames his dot .link domain

There’s always a first time, and there’s no reason to be bashful or ashamed about it.

Domain Name Wire editor, Andrew Allemann, registered his first gTLD domain ever, and it wasn’t a donut, but a crispy rum cake instead.

“I’ve always been a fan of Frank Schilling, so it was a non-brainer to register one of the Uniregistry gTLDs,” said Andrew Allemann, smiling.

“My new .link domain is something special, something to cherish like one’s first kiss or losing one’s virginity even!” exclaimed Allemann, who also owns at least one .mobi and a .tel domain.

Allemann now plans to print out his domain, inbound.link, and display the certificate within a special, gold-plated frame at his office.


“I want my clients to see that I went all out and spent $9.99 to get a .link domain, something that I normally don’t do when researching domains,” said the Domain Name Wire editor. “In the future, I will be more open-minded with these new gTLDs as I am now definitely addicted, once you register with Frank, you never look back!” exclaimed Allemann, laughing with his own improvised joke.

The total number of dot .link domains therefore increased by one, all thanks to the personal research of the Domain Name Wire editor – something that definitely tilts the scales to the advantage of Uniregistry.

Congratulations to Andrew; with our article, we are happy to be giving his domain its first inbound.link.

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