Doctrine of lashes : UDRP delivers new strict punishment for RDNH

If an overly aggressive corporation tries to steal your long-held domain, a new provision under the UDRP will ensure severe punishment.

A finding of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking for aged domains is about to receive an expanded outcome for the Complainant.

“We’re dealing with mega corporations that will not pay fair market price, for domains registered years and years ago, long before their marks became known,” says domain law expert, Bo Scaramuccio.

“It’s time to change that. The doctrine of laches is becoming the doctrine of lashes, if you catch my drift. We’ll be introducing some new offices in the Middle East to ensure that justice is served,” added Scaramuccio.

New domain litigation offices in Jeddah and Dubai will seek 500 lashes for the CEO of a company found guilty of RDNH. The domainer-friendly measure can be applied retroactively, if the Respondent who won the case desires to proceed. There will be a $100 fee involved.

“Many CEOs of companies found guilty of RDNH will soon sample real justice, and the message will be spread across the media,” said Bo Scaramuccio, adding: “Just don’t do it boys, hire a good lawyer to negotiate a domain purchase legally, not some ignorant scumbag on a gargantuan retainer.”

The Doctrine of Lashes and its count of 500 whippings is the only way for greedy corporations to think twice before stealing aged domain names.

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