has collected millions of dollars

The Optical Disk Drive Antitrust litigation collected millions of dollars from optical disk drive manufacturers. The class action lawsuit scored a net fund of $167,197,144.48 dollars that was allocated to the lawsuit’s participants.

Basically, if you bought a PC with an optical drive in the early 2000’s you would qualify, as manufacturers apparently colluded to fix prices. They chose to not admit wrongdoing and decided to spend millions to settle the lawsuit instead.

Using the domain name the legal team distributed the proceeds to the participants; we are happy to announce that a massive amount of $9.67 dollars was sent to our Amazon account. It only took 5 years!

That’s right: we can’t use the balance to buy a .com domain but at least we get to spend it on Amazon.

How long will the domain remain active, is not certain. It was registered in 2017.

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