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Domain After-Aftermarket : Where unwanted domains go to die


Ever wondered what happens to domains acquired on aftermarket web sites?

The majority of them, as high as 78.8%, end up being left undeveloped and are either auctioned off repeatedly on NameJet, or become repositories of unrelated PPC ads for Viagra and incontinence pads.

Wouldn’t it be better to take those domains out of their misery, instead of parading them across multiple domain venues, until the second coming of Jesus?

Domain After-Aftermarket promises to take good care of those domains for you.

Launched by a team of caring domainers that don’t want to spend additional money on developing or renewing domains that are in a terminal state, Domain After-Aftermarket aims to become the new norm.

“At Domain After-Aftermarket we’ll take care of your digital assets, rest assured,” said Domain After-Aftermarket CEO, Marcus Graveyard.

“Look, we know you want to make a profit, but even the best domains with potential don’t deserve to become digital furniture, paraded around across various domain venues. We want you to know that your domains will end their life in a respectable manner,” added Graveyard.

By taking over the remaining lifespan of your domains, Domain After-Aftermarket promises two things:

  • Special care until your domains expire, and
  • A dedicated commemorative listing on the Domain After-Aftermarket digital mural, including their WHOIS lifespan.

Domain After-Aftermarket works with Registries to ensure that those domains that were put out of their misery in a respectable manner, do not get re-registered.

“It’s the least we can do, your domain will not be picked up by some poor sod from Pakistan, or the usual culprit, HugeDomains,” said Marcus Graveyard, adding: “This will be the end of the line for your domain.”

The service will cost 99 cents a year, or just about the registration price of an .XYZ a year ago.

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