Domain apes: Whoisology to mint its Gorilla as an #NFT

Since it redesigned its web site in 2015, Whoisology, the invaluable domain research tool, has used a ballsy gorilla as its mascot.

The Whoisology gorilla’s balls are quite humongous although they’re hanging between two membership category descriptions.

Capitalizing on the NFT mania and the Bored Ape Yacht Club in particular, Whoisology is about to mint the Ballsy Gorilla Domain Club.

“We’re light years ahead of the entire NFT community and ready to show domain apes that our ballsy gorilla is far superior and more valuable,” said Whoisology president and CEO, Gough Rellah.

“For only 1000 ETH you can have the Ballsy Gorilla, in its pure artistic form, and we’ll remove him from the Whoisology web site as it’ll be yours to keep!” added Rellah, smiling.

If you’ve recently robbed a bank or inherited a small country’s loot, go ahead and buy the Whoisology Gorilla before some rich artist or other demented person does.

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