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From the Monday whine department: A domain backorder flaw at NameJet


NameJet has generated lots of sales over the years, and it’s one of these domain auction platforms that seem to attract dependable buyers.

Naturally, its expansion into the exclusive sales territory added more inventory, but there is a fundamental flaw that can be frustrating at times.


Domains that are being auctioned exclusively – that is, not expired domains – are placed on auction by their registrants.

Whether bidders are aware of this or not, is irrelevant.

In earlier years, the secret was kept airtight, and many domain resellers sold their inventory under the impression that the domains in auction were expired.

What matters, is that if someone bids well above the base asking price of $69 – let’s say, $500 – the domain might end up unsold due to a reserve price set by its seller and NameJet.

The next time this domain gets back on auction, that $500 bid – provided that it was the highest opening bid – will be re-introduced, with no option to delete that auction from one’s backorders.

This is something that needs to be fixed, for two reasons: first, that bid is essentially used as a “bait” for the second round of bids, and second, because the circumstances under which that original bid was placed might have changed.

Let’s hope, that NameJet will offer the bidders of such auctions the option to delete these domains from their backorders, if they so wish.


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2 Responses to “From the Monday whine department: A domain backorder flaw at NameJet”
  1. I create a support ticket and the domain and bid is deleted.

    PS I can’t use the captcha on my mobile phone. 🙁

  2. DomainGang says:

    Kosta – Yeah, the idea is to be able to do that without opening a ticket 😉

    The Sweet Captcha has been rather sour lately. I’m looking into alternatives, thanks.

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