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Domain balls : Get well soon, Jared!

Jared Ewy, hiding his bruised head under a cap.

Jared Ewy, photo taken when he was still “whole.”

Jared Ewy, comedian extraordinaire and accidental floor manager at Name.com, had surgery recently.

The quick procedure involved a tiny operation to take care of a massive problem.

Apparently, Jared’s decision to have his “guys” snipped at tube level, was the culmination of excessive procreation.

In other words, no more babies for Jared and his wife, their family is complete! 😀

Jared, who was recently hit with a brazen car theft, faced the procedure calmly and documented it in two parts.

Click here to read Part 1 and then Part 2 on how to get a vasectomy.

Get well soon, Jared! 😀

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