Domain Bloggers to protest Rick Schwartz’s decision

Comments are disabled at Rick Schwartz's blog.

Thousands of domain bloggers are about to stage virtual sit-down protests, and the reason is not the dwindling PPC rates paid by parking companies.

This time around, domainers are protesting the decision of uber-domainer, Rick Schwartz, to disable comments at his popular blog,

Rick’s decision came naturally as the self-styled commentators were spamming their domains – most of which were worthless “pigeon domains” – at every given opportunity.

Other weirdos, such as a “Domain Lords” character, were posting material that’d qualify as a free psycho ward admission ticket.

Regardless, many legitimate posters are now missing the interaction with the Domain King through his blog.

Garth Luigi, a domainer from Kentucky says:

“Leaving comments at Rick’s Blog was like being able to talk to God, and God would respond to me. If Rick were to start his own church I’d join, as long as he opened up the comments once again.”

Perhaps it would have been better if Rick spent $10 /month outsourcing the task of comment moderation to an IT specialist in India or the Philippines; however, Rick’s known to be frugal with his domain finances.


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