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#Domain brands: Will #Facebook spend $2750 on LiveAudioRooms.com?

Live Audio Rooms is Facebook’s version of the popular app Clubhouse that allows people to listen and participate in live conversations.

Why innovate, when you can copy and tweak? 😀

Clubhouse might be not the best place to sell domains but overall, the concept is working. Other social media are chasing its success.

With that in mind, an enterprising domain investor has snapped the domain LiveAudioRooms.com.

Registered yesterday, the domain is now for sale at DAN.com. The asking price: $2,750 dollars.

While this amount is a drop in a bucket for Facebook, some companies take offense at such actions. But to be honest, Facebook does not appear to have a pending trademark application currently.

They really should have secured the .com before announcing the rollout of Live Audio Rooms in beta.

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3 Responses to “#Domain brands: Will #Facebook spend $2750 on LiveAudioRooms.com?”
  1. Scott Alliy says:

    it they have a bunch to spend WhatSay.com is not only the best aged audio social brand domain but also available 😉

  2. DomainGang says:

    Scott – Only that’s not what they branded as.

  3. Scott Alliy says:

    Interesting. I was not aware. Certainly Whatsay would be a good compliment to their whatsApp brand. And for anyone wondering i believe Whatsay was registered four years before the other Domain.

    Frankly surprised WhatSay is still available given the rush to develop and launch an audio social app/website.

    That’s why the call it domain investing and not Guarantee

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