Domain buyer throws “baby tantrum” over missed payment snafu

When you don’t want to blame yourself for not keeping your financial information up to date, just blame the other guy.

A domain buyer using the platform to acquire a domain using a payment plan, threw a temper tantrum and rated DAN with the lowest score at Trustpilot.

Note: DAN is a premium sponsor of DomainGang.

According to a review uncovered by domain investor Logan Flatt, the disgruntled customer failed to keep their credit card information up to date and missed an installment payment. After 10 days of waiting for the updated information, DAN pulled the domain’s DNS.

The buyer then blamed DAN for not responding outside their regular business hours, leaving a comment about people in Netherlands and how they apparently value sleep more.


We can say that it’s not a secret that Europeans have a life, unlike many Americans, however this “nothingburger” would have been avoided had the domain buyer kept their financial info up to date.

Read it here.

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