#Domain chaos theory : Best idea for a successful domain registration strategy!

When it comes down to domain registration strategies, investors tend to follow existing, well-proven processes.

As we shared in yesterday’s tongue-in-cheek article on “domain nest eggs,” the rules are meant to be bent: normalcy is for the weak and the timid.

By stepping outside the box, domain investing strategies can deliver substantial results, particularly when they tap virgin territory.

Domain investors that take this angle are the true pioneers, and one such approach to domain registration strategies arrived in a tweet.

Said Nameplicity, a boutique domain name storefront:

“My method is to pick names, write them on strips of paper, stick them on a dart board with tacs, and throw darts at them.

I reg the ones I hit. I have tons of darts and really good aim so I usually end up regging them all.”

Brilliant and funny at the same time, and this is why:

By introducing the element of randomness and the chaos theory, such a domain investing approach can leverage the archetypal forces of the universe, scaled down to suit domain investing!

It’s about time that other domain investors redefine their investing strategies, taking an angle that is full of entropy.

Domain chaos – Photo by Marc A on Unsplash

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One Response to “#Domain chaos theory : Best idea for a successful domain registration strategy!”
  1. Anon says:

    Some domain name investors’ registered domain names are so bad they might as well have been registered randomly.

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