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Domain.com.au : This Australian domain is not about domains!



The use of the word “domain” for a purpose other than a quick reference to “domain names” is quite rare these days.

Domain names were first introduced in the 1980’s and these days most people understand that “domain” is a URL or web site address. Some people refer to it as “my GoDaddy,” believe it or not. 😀

Still, it’s not impossible for an online company to utilize the word “domain” in their brand, for the original meaning of the word, that of a physical location or power and control over such a location.

Australian company Domain Group operates from Domain.com.au, and it’s all about real estate.

According to their web site:

“Domain Group, a Fairfax Media business, is one of Australia’s leading multi-platform property industry destinations. We provide residential, commercial and rural property marketing solutions and search tools, plus information for buyers, investors, sellers, renters and agents Australia wide.”

Indeed, the real estate business in Australia is booming, but how many end up on Domain.com.au intending to visit Domains.com.au instead? 😀

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2 Responses to “Domain.com.au : This Australian domain is not about domains!”
  1. StickTooL says:

    My butler keeps going to domayne.com.au …. he’s so silly

  2. TLDnic says:

    It’s constantly popping up when trying to read domain news on Google. This and “eminent domain” stuff. Here’s a Google Domain news search query eliminating these two:


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