Domain conference tickets: How much should they cost?

New money: The Federal Reserve secured the .com.

How many Benjamins should a domain conference cost?

Every savvy domain investor knows that by attending domain conferences, they are engaging with their peers and other professionals, in a manner that isn’t provided online.

A great example would be NamesCon, a smashing success in 2014, which set a new paradigm for domain conferences.

But domain conferences aren’t free, and they come with associated costs, such as travel fares and accommodation – not to mention, food and entertainment.

Regardless, there’s no business like domain business, so domain conferences are an integral part of domain investor life. TRAFFIC celebrates its 10th anniversary in a few weeks.

Today’s poll attempts to define the maximum affordable cost of entry to a three day conference; your opinion matters! 😀

How much should a ticket to a 3 day domain conference cost?

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