Domain Cybersquatter terrorizes San Diego family

A serial domain squatter is terrorizing a prominent San Diego family, that invited him into their home as a live-in domain instructor.

Javier Jorge Defuentes, also known as “el torro” – the bull – has a long rap sheet that includes extortion, bigamy and cruelty to owners of domain names.

“We thought Javier was a good man, willing to teach us the ropes of domain investing,” said Mark Papastathopolis, while his wife shook her head, all teary.

“The guy’s a nut, he registered my name, my wife’s name, my two underage kids’ names and even my parents’ and uncles’ names, asking for money or he’d stay in our house forever!” exclaimed Papastathopolis, visibly upset.

Defuentes is known to have sued 45 different domain owners over the years, after they reacted to his registration of their personal names, or those of their family. This practice, known as “domain cybersquatting”, is the absolute lowest level in the domain food chain.

“I told my wife that it will probably be easier to change our last names, after getting the .com first, than to argue with this guy,” said Mark Papastathopolis, adding: “He is a bad person, an evil son of a bitch, and anyone who cybersquats on domain names is scum in my book!”

Despite his plan, Papastathopolis might be out of luck though, as the serial cybersquatter appears to be determined: he has already registered the .sexy, .tattoo and even the .uno, .club and .xyz variants.

If you are approached by Javier Jorge Defuentes to teach you anything about domains, ignore his emails or be prepared for a long battle with a determined domain cybersqatter.

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2 Responses to “Domain Cybersquatter terrorizes San Diego family”
  1. Travis says:

    People actually get live-in domain instructors? He was squattin’ before he started buyin’ up the name domains 😉 .

  2. DomainGang says:

    Travis – It’s the new trend, I hear. Like a live-in nanny, domain investors hire experienced professionals to increase their earnings.

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