#Domain debate winner: IWillVote.com

George Kirikos posted a poll seeking votes! 😀

The question was, which candidate will reference a domain name first: Donald Trump, Joe Biden, or neither one.

The winner was Joe Biden, who shared the domain IWillVote.com on air, mere minutes before the end of the 1st presidential debate.

Although IWillVote.com is paid for by the Democratic National Committee, it’s basically a non-partisan portal with links to federal and state government resources, making the process for voting easier.

The domain IWillVote.com was registered in 2008. It appears to have been acquired by the Democratic Party on October 25, 2013 – the seller was BuyDomains.

A whopping 70% of George Kirikos’s poll voters projected no one would mention a domain. 😀


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