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#Domain drama at #NamePros : “Bait and switch” scam, or bizarre coincidence?

A new “domain drama” thread is unfolding at the popular domain forum, NamePros, after a brokered acquisition went south.

Following a member’s request, supposedly to help locate the owner of the domain Vege.us, a Canadian domain investor states that he agreed on a $1,500 acquisition on the member’s behalf.

Vege.us was registered on 4/26/2018 by a Romanian domainer, (Romanian #1,) after it dropped in March. The Canadian investor agreed on a sale for $400, and upon getting hold of the domain they reached out to the NamePros member, (Romanian #2), to complete the exchange.

At that point, the buyer in this brokered acquisition backed off, stating they’d have to see if some alleged third party “food company” were still interested in acquiring the domain.

This is a typical bait and switch deal, similar to obtaining a domain valuation certificate prior to selling it to a party that shows interest. Once the certificate is sold by the “buyer’s” accomplice, they lose interest in the domain.

But things got even more complicated.

Romanian #1 jumped in, alleging that the domain was mismanaged at his Sedo account, and that some alleged “impostor” was trying to sell it for $2,800 dollars. The fact is, that Vege.us was listed for sale on both Sedo and Afternic by its previous registrant, Elite Domains, before they let it drop in March.

The Canadian domain broker has filed a dispute with PayPal to recoup his $400 dollars; meanwhile it remains to be seen whether either one or both Romanians will get banned on NamePros.

You might need a dictionary to translate some obscure English: See the exchange here.

Update: The Romanian #2 account has now been banned on NamePros.

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