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Domain flippers? Chinese domainers upset over Rick Schwartz’s statement

Domain Chips.

A group of Chinese domainers from the Guangzhou province in China are upset with Rick Schwartz.

The reason: The Domain King’s recent statement about exclusive traders of numeric, or letter domains not really being “domainers.”

Said Rick via Twitter earlier today:

Not all #Domainers are really Domainers. Those that focus ONLY on number #Domains or ONLY on letter combo domains are not domainers.

They are commodity traders and flippers. And there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that!! But there is a difference and you should recognize it.

That statement didn’t sit well with Xiong Gungxua and his domain investing friends, a group of Chinese domain investors forming the Tiger Paw Domainer Club in Guangzhou, China.

The club members invest exclusively in numeric and LLLL .com and .CN domains, and they had a big run in 2015 and even 2016.

“Rick Schwartz, he rich, he smart, but why say we not domainers mmm? We trade domain day every day, make good profit, my girlfriend proud I domainer. Flipper are what dolphin have for swim.”

Indeed, the status of being a domainer has elevated former civil servants and other government employees to much-acclaimed entrepreneurs in China, the world’s fastest growing economy.

Said Xiong Gungxua:

“Number 8 and number 7 and number 6 very nice, and so number 1 and number 3 and number 5, but number 4 is bad. We invest in no vowel but not ‘V’ and trade buy sell domain name in China. Everyone welcome!”

Our advice: If you’re a Chinese domain investor, please don’t argue with the Domain King. Just keep on doing what you’re doing, if it pays the bills.

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5 Responses to “Domain flippers? Chinese domainers upset over Rick Schwartz’s statement”
  1. Eric Lyon says:

    Funny. I bet someone could write a book about all the things people say to disqualify someone from being a domain investor. I’ve heard lots of silly reasons. lol

  2. DomainGang says:

    Eric – Rick says that those who invest in a particular class of domain names only, are traders/flippers but not “domainers.” The thing is, a domain is a domain, and if you invest in any domain with the intention to profit from it, you are a domainer by definition.

  3. Anon says:

    What does Rick know anyway? When’s the last time he sold a domain name for millions of dollars, huh? My point exactly.

  4. DomainGang says:

    Anon – Rick’s been extremely successful. Investing in a particular genre of domains only, does not make one a non-domainer. The latter is reserved for people that e.g. register domains for actual use, for marketing purposes, for brand protection etc.

  5. Richard says:

    Who cares what Rick says? Is he paying any of our bills? He isn’t always right and I don’t make a dime off him. He has a opinion just like the rest of us – no more no less. He is just a man who made some money – that’s it. I don’t know why people kiss his ass and hang on his every word? What is he doing for you except giving advice from 1995?
    Mike Mann is much more relevant.

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