#Domain gems for sale in the latest newsletter from #Lumis brokerage


Lumis, the domain name brokerage operated by brothers Slade Michalec, Hobi Michalec, and their partners, has sent out its latest bi-weekly newsletter.

We poked fun at Lumis yesterday, in a parody post about domainer newsletters – today we’re making up for the lack of any links. 😉

The latest Lumis newsletter contains several domain gems that are available for sale, exclusively through them.

Lumis domain brokerage

Here’s the list of these domains appearing on the latest edition of the Lumis newsletter – prices are in US dollars:

  • 475k
  • 300k
  • 6-figures
  • 100k
  • 7.5k
  • 12k
  • 9k
  • 65k
  • $1.25M
  • 650k
  • 15k
  • 12k
  • 12k
  • 25k
  • 11k
  • mid 5-figures

If you’re interested in any of these domain names, reach out to the Lumis team at

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