#Domain history : Original TRAFFIC 2004 video reels in a cool million dollars!

Rick Schwartz is gearing up for domainer-centric Asheville Meetup, which takes place in two weeks.

As Rick’s preparing his welcome speech and putting the final touches to the exquisite breakfast, an original video from TRAFFIC 2004 was acquired by the Domain King for a cool million dollars.

The VHS tapes contain unseen before footage of Rick’s pioneering days to roll out the first professional domainer convention; an effort he’s replicating 15 years later with the Asheville Meetup.

“Folks, I acquired the VHS tapes that are part of domainer history. It’s an unedited video that one day will be on the Smithsonian, so that fans and unbelievers can see what it takes to make things happen!” exclaimed Rick Schwartz.

TRAFFIC 2004 – A frame from the best surviving video in VHS.

By acquiring the videos, the Domain King is re-enforcing his legacy of domain supremacy. The one million dollars is well-spent, as no-one else owns the domain conference documentary, not even the person who shot it and who sold the only existing copy.

“Yes, it’s a bunch of dusty VHS tapes but we’ll do amazing things with them. It’s history in the making, all recorded, forever, every domainer should watch it when we restore it. I’m glad it’s not Betamax, I tossed out that piece of junk machine a couple of years ago,” said Rick Schwartz, laughing.

Follow Rick Schwartz’s new ventures at AshevilleMeetup.com.

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