Domain investor Adam Strong beat the Google car in its own game!

Adam Strong via Google Maps.

Adam Strong via Google Maps.

The Google car and its rotating, 360-degree cameras can be very annoying, when you’re stuck driving behind it.

It happened to us before, and there’s a “flipping the bird” view of that street somewhere. 😉

Typically, Google utilizes images taken with its Google vehicle for the Google Maps “Street View.”

For the most part, Google blurs out car plates, and people’s faces, to ensure privacy.

Domain investor, Adam Strong, recently shared one such instance, after noticing the Google car driving around in the general area he was in.

Adam took a picture of his kids alongside the Google car, as the latter span its cameras around. Three months later, the image showed up on Google Maps’ Street View!

The busy domain investor is now immortalized on Google Maps, having beaten the Google car in its own game.

This is simply brilliant! 😀

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