Domain investor content with slow pace of sales; wife strongly disagrees

Antonio Gimones is not concerned about the slow pace of his domain sales; the branding and marketing professional from Bogota, Colombia, says it’s all good.

“I have a portfolio of 3200 domains, many premium, numeric and brandables. I sell two to four domains a month, and at this rate, I’ll be able to sell my domains by 2054,” says Antonio Gimones.

His sentiment is shared by other domain investors, who often question how on earth did they end up owning so many domains that go unused.

“I park my domains with a ‘for sale link’ and then forget about them. I get about 20 lowball inquiries daily, which I ignore,” says Antonio Gimones, adding: “My goal is to make a huge profit from selling domains, not interested in selling for peanuts!”

Selling 3200 domains can be a Herculean task without outgoing sales and an army of brokers, such as those employed by Mike Mann for his Domain Market outfit.

Still, waiting until 2054 to get rid of his entire portfolio can be a stressful task for Antonio Gimones, and his family.

“You don’t have to wait until then, we will be old farts, just drop the domains already!” exclaims Gimones’s wife, Miguelita. “I’m sick and tired of watching you search DomainTools 24/7!” she exclaims.

If you don’t want to wait until the second part of this century to sell your domain portfolio, consider hiring the Brewski Bros – they are very aggressive.

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