Domain investor Gavin Durni no longer with us

gavin-durniDomain investor, Gavin Durni, is no longer with us.

Gavin Durni passed away suddenly on Sunday, May 18th, aged just 29 years old. Gentle and mild mannered, Gavin will be remembered for his business brilliance and kindness.

Durni negotiated sales and acquisitions of domain names, primarily in the South African ccTLD,; he operated as Durni Companies LLC with well-established connections to South Africa.

He acquired such domains as for $15,000 and sold for $20,000 and for $33,000; another notable sale was that of for a record breaking $65,000. Numerous other sales were not reported due to to non disclosure agreements.

Our deepest condolences to his family for his untimely loss.

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8 Responses to “Domain investor Gavin Durni no longer with us”
  1. Sad news.
    Don’t click on LIKE people!!!

  2. HowieCrosby says:

    Yes too sad! Too young.

  3. Ms Domainer says:


    Such a tragedy.

    Condolences to his family.



  4. Ralph says:

    Damn upset to hear about, cheers G, thanks for the kind words and help over the years.

  5. Clive says:

    I am so hurt by this..Here I am wondering what happened to the dude who promised me that he would sit down with me so that we map a way forward in him funding my granite import project from Zimbabwe when he returns to Boston.. What a good guy, just met him for 3hrs and left a never ending impression. RIP guy…

  6. Mitchell says:

    This is such sad news. I sold (mentioned above) to Gavin a few years back and he was nothing but a gentleman and a scholar. I was busy with negotiating sale of another domain to him and then he went quiet and I wondered what had happened and then shockingly stumbled across this article today. My sincere condolences go out to Gavin’s family, friends and colleagues.

  7. Jay Marchena says:

    I meet Gavin while I used to work for a local towing company I got called out to help him with his Mercedes at the time, he made a big impression on me since I saw how kind and sure he seemed about his company and told me to contact him if I ever needed anything, he gave me such a great vibe I kept his very unique business card, I was about to contact him today and saw that the website wasn’t available any longer so I google him and came to this sad news on this website. I wanted to tell him that now I’m the proud owner of a growing successful Construction Business and if I could help him with anything I was here to return his great vibes he once made me feel. I really hope his family knows how in such few minutes he would impact people’s life’s. may his soul Rest In Peace.

  8. @ Mitchell, do you still do domains?

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