Domain investors cashing in on the upcoming lifting of the embargo against Cuba

President Obama’s announcement of improved relationships with Cuba was welcomed with applause today; the half a century long embargo will eventually be lifted.

Domain investors that have long believed in such a change in the US-Cuban relationships, should be excited; Rob Sequin‘s domain portfolio consists of several thousand domains related to Cuba.

As the publisher of the Havana Journal, Rob Sequin has provided information related to Cuban travel since the 90’s.


Sequin owns more than 2,500 Cuba related domains, and he’s actively acquiring many more.

Cuba’s ccTLD is dot .CU; domain registrations are not allowed in the open market at this time.

The improved Cuban-American relationships will definitely boost interest in domain investments related to Cuba and its untapped tourist potential. Let’s hope, that Cubans will enjoy more freedom as well, in order to freely travel outside of Cuba.

For more information about Cuban domains, visit Rob Sequin’s web site.

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4 Responses to “Domain investors cashing in on the upcoming lifting of the embargo against Cuba”
  1. wordy.Tv says:

    Thanks, i regged CubanSpecial/Com …….. great for a cigar store

  2. Scott Alliy says:

    We have the largest collection of Cuban cigar domain names inc. could be perfect timing to find a qualified buyer we think.

  3. wordy.Tv says:

    Cigars and cool old cars is what i think of when i hear Cuba mentioned ….. Oh and some fine looking women !

  4. Andy Witaker says:

    Pretty amazed that our +500 Cuba domain names for sale at were not mentioned here. 2 decade old Cuba Domain names for sale with active websites and traffic in most cases.

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