#Domain joint ventures : #Amazon moves HQ2 to Asheville, North Carolina

Devastating news for NYC that lost its Amazon HQ2 sponsorship; big news for Asheville, North Carolina, that will be hosting the mega-corporation’s new distribution hub. The project creates 32,000 new jobs, from floor janitors to Amazon coffee shop baristas.

The news was shared on the business wire as a new, well-funded strategic partnership initiated by the Domain King.

“Joint ventures such as these only come once in a lifetime, maybe twice,” said Rick Schwartz, who is rolling out Asheville Meetup in 2019.

“Folks, me and Bezos have many things in common, and we are going to rock domaining well into the 2030’s and beyond in Asheville,” added Rick Schwartz.

Despite his openly liberal bias, Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world, and rumor has it that Rick Schwartz is most likely the richest self-made domain investor who still retains his entire domain name portfolio. Other domainers that hit it big did so by liquidating their domain names, but the Domain King holds onto his portfolio for a big payout in the 9 figures USD.

The news of Amazon’s new HQ moving to Asheville, North Carolina, is another reminder that domain investors can break into the mainstream business by maintaining strong relationships with Fortune 500 companies.

“A year from now, Jeff and I will transform Asheville into a remarkable tech hub for all Prime members, and a domain Mecca with billions in revenue,” said Rick Schwartz, adding: “It’s about time that I ended my retirement from domaining, I’m back and ready to kick ass! And yes, I still own Ass.com.”

Congratulations to Jeff Bezos and the Domain King for proving that joint ventures bring strong-minded entrepreneurs closer to Croesus status.

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