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Domain jungle : Whoisology has some big ‘gorilla’ balls !


Whoisology recently revealed its redesigned website, and with a motto of “More Than Reverse Whois Lookups” its readers are definitely getting a lot more.

The Whoisology service handles domain-related “big data” and offers correlations between domains.

For example, registered users that query a domain’s owner can search for additional domains owned – now, or in the past – by that same registrant.

The new Whoisology web site features a lot of colorful elements, along with several wild animals.

It’s definitely fun to scroll through and peruse.

One particular element at the bottom of their page, caught our attention: an 800 lbs gorilla with a dollar talisman, sporting a heavy pair of balls.

That’s right, there’s an unfortunate set of simian testicles at the bottom of the Whoisology web site. 😀

It’s understandable that they probably used iStock art, but any sane editor would review the artwork for “offending” bits and other parts. 😀


The Whoisology gorilla has some huge balls.


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4 Responses to “Domain jungle : Whoisology has some big ‘gorilla’ balls !”
  1. Don W. says:

    You can tell he is unhappy about it. Look at his face. Probably a Zoo Union thing that doesn’t allow him to wear clothes during photo shoots.

  2. DomainGang says:

    domainer – Great exploitation of negative space 😀

  3. Oren says:

    I knew this gorilla looked familiar – anyone remember the awesome music sharing site turntable.fm?


    At least they had the decency to cover his nuts

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