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“Domain King” is a registered trademark


For those who have been living under a rock, or in a coma for the past 15 years, the moniker “Domain King” is synonymous with domain investor, Rick Schwartz.


In a recent article for The Washington Post, its author attributed the title “Domain King” to domain investor, Mike Mann, despite his response that this “title” is being used by someone else.

This reference was made in the print edition only, as the online article had a different title.

The fact is, “Domain King” is a registered trademark with the USPTO, not just a moniker:

“Licensing of intellectual property, namely, domain names; and web site development services in International Class 42.”

Applied for in 2001, the trademark was registered in October 2003, and received its first 10 year renewal in late 2012.

In other words, technically, The Washington Post has infringed on Rick Schwartz’s trademark, Domain King®.

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2 Responses to ““Domain King” is a registered trademark”
  1. lordbyroniv says:

    Long Live The King ! Long Live Rick Schwartz !

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