Domain King® relaunched : Rick Schwartz and the letter “i”

Domain investor, Rick Schwartz, is the most known personality in the domain investing world.

The Domain King® has maintained the industry’s forward momentum for twenty years, and although he’s on an open-ended sabbatical from blogging, he’s far from retired – as far as domain investments go.

We recently noted a politics-infused domain acquisition by Rick, and today we’ll add two more: and, two notable domains with the “i” prefix.

Rick’s sale of to for $750,000 dollars was remarkable at the time, and it proved to be just a testing of the waters for bigger and better sales ahead.

Other recent domain acquisitions include, (with Mike Berkens) and

Despite a recent unsavory decision at the WIPO, Rick Schwartz remains the de facto Domain King® of the domain industry.

To re-enforce this, Rick has launched a redesigned web site at 😀

The real Domain King®, Rick Schwartz.

The real Domain King, Rick Schwartz.

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5 Responses to “Domain King® relaunched : Rick Schwartz and the letter “i””
  1. I do like the logo.

  2. Asset says:

    Great 🙂

    nice to read, Rick is a great person ! , good and clean website (re) design

  3. Mark says:

    Totally respect what Rick has done for the Domain Name Industry, but Verisign might have something to say on who is the Domain Kinq.
    I also don’t understand why Rick is still using a Gmail email address on his new website.

  4. Garth says:

    Would love an update interview Sherpa show with Rick.

    Miss those discuss the domain news format. Rick+Michael+Page.

  5. DomainGang says:

    Garth – Agreed, those were the days. I have a hunch Rick will soon return to active domain blogging. 😉

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