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The Domain King’s numeric domains: A fine collection of NNN .com and others

The numeric domain market is on fire, after reports of the biggest domain sale of all time place 360.com at the #1 spot for $17 million dollars.

Just days before that announcement, the Domain King, Rick Schwartz, revealed through his sale of Porno.com for $8,888,888 dollars that he’s about to put some of his numeric domain names on the proverbial “chopping block.”

New reports of both 400.com and 440.com being sold to Chinese companies, are making the market extremely favorable for sellers that have been holding such numeric domain assets for a long, long time.

We researched some of the numeric domain names, both NNN .com and NNNN .com ones, that Rick Schwartz owns.

Rick Schwartz, the Domain King.

Rick Schwartz, the Domain King.

It will be very interesting to see which ones will outright sell, and for how much. Rick also owns betting odds domains, that include a dash between numbers, and longer numeric domains in the NNNNN range that most likely match Zip codes.

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of the Domain King’s numeric domains:

  • 1-3.com
  • 1-8.com
  • 10-1.com
  • 100-1.com
  • 1000000-1.com
  • 1012.com
  • 1019.com
  • 1027.com
  • 11311.com
  • 1245.com
  • 1620.com
  • 18-18.com
  • 1909.com
  • 1923.com
  • 1941.com
  • 1961.com
  • 1962.com
  • 1964.com
  • 1969.com
  • 1978.com
  • 238.com
  • 239.com
  • 243.com
  • 24824.com
  • 25-1.com
  • 2501.com
  • 295.com
  • 2995.com
  • 3-1.com
  • 33301.com
  • 346.com
  • 348.com
  • 399.com
  • 3995.com
  • 40-50.com
  • 46769.com
  • 5-1.com
  • 50-1.com
  • 6-1.com
  • 6500.com
  • 6565.com
  • 7-1.com
  • 750.com
  • 7500.com
  • 75887.com
  • 78779.com
  • 8181.com
  • 88-88.com
  • 88289.com
  • 899.com
  • 939.com
  • 9595.com
  • 969.com
  • 975.com
  • 977.com
  • 989.com
  • 99-1.com
  • 997.com

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5 Responses to “The Domain King’s numeric domains: A fine collection of NNN .com and others”
  1. David says:

    Millions more in the bank, after he stops saying no. 😛

  2. DomainGang says:

    David – Definitely lots of money to be made here. As it’s a seller’s market, now it’s the time to liquidate.

  3. Mike says:

    899 and 989 have x,xxx,xxx potential

  4. DomainGang says:

    997.com has been sold, as reported by The Domains: http://www.thedomains.com/2016/02/27/rick-schwartz-sells-997-com-2/

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