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Domain loss : Your domain account does not update your WHOIS info

There is very little education of end-users about how important up-to-date WHOIS information is.

In a case involving an end-user’s domain that was lost via the UDRP process, updating the Account Settings at GoDaddy was not enough.

The GoDaddy customer, who is not an investor, assumed that by keeping that part of the contact information up to date, their domains were updated as well.

When they were hit with a UDRP, the notifications were sent to the previous email that they were no longer monitoring.

End result: they lost the domain due to non-response.

The domain was not disabled in the process, unlike some past instances of a pending UDRP process.

Had the domain been “slapped” with a standard landing page by the registrar, GoDaddy, indicating that there is a UDRP pending, the domain’s owner would have known immediately.

The contact information on the active web site was never used either, to notify the domain owner. Furthermore, the generic notification of “postmaster@domain” is obsolete and should be removed from the UDRP requirements.

We will soon share more details about this case, in the meantime, if you own several domain names make sure that each individual domain’s WHOIS is up to date – your account’s alone won’t cut it.

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  1. Dn Ebook says:

    Good Info thanks

  2. Not sure what you mean. Domains are not supposed to be disabled during a UDRP.

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