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Domain Lovers : Registrants upset with Uniregistry policy on Valentine’s Day


It’s Valentine’s Day today, and one big domain registry’s decision not to celebrate it, has caused several dissenting domain investors to become very upset.

Uniregistry, founded by domain entrepreneur, Frank Schilling, is not displaying any imagery related to the global celebration of love.

Instead, the Uniregistry homepage remains unchanged: images are derived from your geographical location. There are no pictures of kissing couples, sharing wine in the sunset, or exchanging overpriced chocolates of dubious quality.

“We regret to inform our great customers that we do not participate in such seasonal celebrations, and we are not going to discriminate against our members who are single; it’s against our policy,” said VP of Marketing, Sam Guy.

“Uniregistry remains committed to providing exceptional services of domain registration, domain monetization and assorted domain services. Surely, Valentine’s Day is manifested in many other web sites, so most people are fed up by now,” added Guy, smiling.

According to information from the National Bureau of Families in America, almost 35% of all Americans could not care less for Valentine’s Day, and would rather avoid paying for overpriced Hallmark cards at Wal-Mart.

You won't find this type of images on Uniregistry today.

You won’t find this type of images on Uniregistry today.

Uniregistry’s approach to refrain from displaying tacky imagery of kissing couples was applauded by Father Domainicus, a man of the frock and spiritual leader of the Domain Church.

“We are delighted to see Mr. Schilling keep Uniregistry’s visuals classy and devoid of any seasonal propaganda, at our Domain Church congregation we preach about universal love, that goes beyond the satanic manifestation of cravings of the flesh, and the sinful displays of lust. Thank you, Uniregistry!”

Here’s hoping that other domain registrars would follow the example set by Uniregistry.

For more information on this issue, or to raise your concerns, visit Uniregistry.com/SayNoToValentines.

Or watch this video about February 14th, 2016 being the End of the World as we know it.

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