Domain Mann : Mike’s not the only one!


Domain investor Mike Mann‘s a legend among his peers; as an entrepreneur he has formed and sold several million dollar businesses.

It turns out that he’s not the only Mann to be immersed in the domain business.

Behold, a domain registered to an “Alec Johnson” from Hong Kong, according to the WHOIS by DomainTools.


Domain Mann – Made in Hong Kong.

Whether this is a real name or not, is packed with domains related to China, such as, and others.

The question is, does this somehow make people believe that “Domain Mann” is Mike Mann?

Seeing how there are .XYZ domains on the list – something that Mike Mann does not touch even remotely, we don’t believe so.

Mike’s the dot .Com Mann, and that is set in stone, man.


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5 Responses to “Domain Mann : Mike’s not the only one!”
  1. Michael Mann says:

    Thanks, I also own by far the worlds best collection of .Org domains

  2. DomainGang says:

    Mike – You’re the Mann 😀

  3. Al says:

    Hey @mikemann,
    You might like the last name on Page 2 of this list:
    Sorta matches your name.

  4. Alec Johnson says:

    Hi DomainGang,

    “Mike’s the dot .Com Mann”!
    But he isn’t the only MANN! (No offence to you Mike Mann, I have huge respect for you!)

    Let’s clear the air..

    1) FYI, “MANN” is a very common Family Name in North India and you can find millions of people with this name.
    (See:; And, I’m North-Indian from the ‘MANN’ clan.
    2) Our Parent Company, “GlexMANN Exports” was registered in 1997, in Hong Kong (Note our Family name there).
    3) We’ve other domains with MANN, i.e. “GlexMANN.Com”, “BizzMANN.Com”.
    4) We’ve sold many products under our brandname “BossMANN” in Germany & UK, in late 90’s. (But we failed to register the domain)

    We’ve been in Domain business for the last 15 years but we were not so active as our main business is Exports.
    Only recently, we’ve started taking more interest in domaining, especially in China market.

    Further to your question, “does this somehow make people believe that “Domain Mann” is Mike Mann?”..
    NO, It cannot be mistaken. Mike Mann is Mike Mann and everybody knows it. So, maybe it’s ONLY you.

    You should get to know the facts before posting.

  5. DomainGang says:

    Alec – To the question whether people might believe “Domain Mann” is Mike Mann, the answer is clear: “We don’t believe so.”

    Mann is a common Germanic/Sephardic name. See names ending in “mann” such as Dobermann, Bittermann etc.

    Perhaps reach out to Mike Mann for a joint venture?

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