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#Domain manual : New book about how to succeed in domain investing

Everybody and their uncle is churning out domain ebooks these days, and while no paper is wasting trees from the Amazon forest, ebooks are not as good as printed books.

Popular domain investor, Dough Meiner, has announced the immediate availability of his new printed book, “Domain Manual” with the tagline, “BECOME A SUCCESSFUL DOMAIN NAME INVESTOR OVERNIGHT!”

Aimed at beginner domainers, intermediate domainers, seasoned domain investors and “god mode” superdomainers, the 237-page book is packed with information.

“I wanted to give everyone a piece of my mind, and this is everything I’ve accumulated during the past 35 years as a domain investor,” said Dough Meiner.

“My entire knowledge about domain names, including how to market your domains to the Church, to failing businesses, and to other domainers, is there!” exclaimed the author.

Here’s the chapter breakdown, as we have received a free copy to review:

  • Domains: How to register them, where, and how much money it costs to renew
  • Domains: Is it ok to have .net, .org and .horse?
  • Domains: Who is Rick Schwartz anyway? A long bio.
  • Domains: Where to find ideas for new domain registrations
  • Domains: What is ICANN and why you should give a f*ck
  • Domains: Popular domainer blogs and why they are all useless except for one
  • Domains: Is it too late to register Sex.com?
  • Domains: What is the most money you can ask for your three and four letter  .com?
  • Domains: Chinese investors – a scam or a LLLL .com paradise?
  • Domains: Crypto domains – don’t waste your money
  • Domains: A quick intro to my next book about domain forums

Many thanks to Dough Meiner for this sneak peek into his amazing book, “Domain Manual.” Look for it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and your local Dollar General.

Domain Manual : The book about domain names.

Media reviews:

“I love it. Teaches me everything I already knew!” – Frank Schilling

“What the f8ck is this sh1t???” – Mike Mann

“Waste of $7.99 – save your money for a McDonalds sandwich.” – Ron Jackson

“I like it a lot, made more than 200 paper airplanes with its pages.” – Domain Sherpa

“Hello folks. The author should be sued for being a complete dumbass!” – Rick Schwartz

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